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Alumni Database.

The VTID Alumni Database is a collection of alumni information that can be shared by IDAB to any VTID student or VTID alum for the purpose of networking. Alumni information consists of the individual’s name, pronouns, graduation year, and email address, and can also include their company of employment, professional industry, and job title. Are you a VTID alum and want to be included in the database? Sign up!

How is a request made?

VTID students and alumni can email IDAB at with a request to provide contact information of those who have given permission to share their information on the VTID Alumni Database. Requesters can either ask for the contact information of a particular individual who they identify, or can request the contact information of alumni who fit a specific professional category (e.g. alumni who work in the healthcare industry).

How is a request fulfilled?

Following a request, a member of the Networking and Outreach Committee will search the VTID Alumni Database for the contact(s) requested. If contacts in the table meet the requested information, the committee member will provide available contact information to the requester.

Outreach Protocol

Upon receiving alumni information, it is the responsibility of you for initiating contact. Please remember to introduce yourself, include your student/alumni status, reason for outreach (i.e. networking, project guidance, career questions, etc), and that you received their email address from IDAB’s voluntary VTID Alumni Database.

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