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2023 Thesis Mentorship Program Guide

january - may 2023

Industrial design students in their last semester at Virginia Tech work on a final, semester-long project called thesis. This is their opportunity to explore a specific topic of choice, challenge themselves, and demonstrate their design process as they work towards a quality solution. VT’s Industrial Design Advisory Board (IDAB) is working in collaboration with the thesis studio instructors, Brook Kennedy and Yoon Jung Choi, to provide 1-on-1 opportunities for students to meet with design professionals for progress reviews and mentorship. 

Thank You to our 2023 Mentors!

Aaron Evans
Abby Tighe Schroeder
Aleyse McNealy
Anna Stapor
Arghavan Ebrahimi
Ayan Bhandari
Benjamin Roth
Bill Gardner
Brandon Craft
Brian Floyd
Brian Pughe
Caleb Rancourt
Campbell Efird
Chris Crowley
Chris Kitchen
Chris Murray
Claire Butterfield
Cole Powell
Daniel Goodwin
Daniel Perry
David Shaltanis
Divya Chaurasia
Ed Dorsa
Eric Bottelsen

Forest Kim
Graham Wilson
Greg LeFevere
Henry Ripley
Hunter Craighill
Jackson Howard
Jacob Eck
Jonathan Beckwith
Jonathan Kolodner
Jonathan Michel
Joseph Powers
Kai Yang
Kaito Choy
Karen Itin
Keith Dandridge
Kelly Harrigan
Kevin Chee
Kirby Emerson
Kristina Danielyan
Kylie  Quinn
Marc Wagenseil
Martin Brady
Max Berney
Mike Kaminsky

Monica Welcker
Nicole Norris
Olivia Menezes
Patrick Bowers
Paul Barnes
Peter Yoo
Quinn Huffstetler
Raquel Rabago
Reid Schlegel
Rosalie Siegel
Ryan Mauer
Sarah Ahart
Sarah Kemp
Seth Cross
Shea Rhim
sophie   collé
Stephanie Pekala
Stephen Lynn
Tony Smith
Trip Ivey
Zac Fischel
Zachary Samalonis

Photo Gallery

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