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2020 Thesis Mentorship Program

april - may 2020

When Virginia Tech had to move to online classes due to the COVID-19 crisis, everything changed for the ID program, especially for the graduating class. Without hesitation, over 45 of our alumni volunteered their time and professional expertise in virtual one-on-one sessions with the thesis students. The student-alumni pairings were made based on the thesis topics and the professional background of the alumni. They had an initial advisory session, and then after the students had time to digest and implement the feedback they had a second follow up critique.

Thank You to our 2020 Mentors!

Abby Jetmundsen

Amber Baden-Lopes

Anna Stapor

Bill Gardner

Campbell Efird

Chris Grill

Chris Kitchen

Chris Murray

Christine Manfredo

Claire Butterfield

Craighton Berman

Daniel Calabrese

Daniel Goodwin

Daniel Perry

Diane Pfeiffer

Ed Dorsa

Eric Bottelsen

Greg Borbon

Jase Ruggles

Jonathan Kim

Jonathan Michel

Jonathan Mills

Kai Yang

Kelly Harrigan

Kevin Chee

Kimberly Andersson

Kylie Quinn

Lane Hering

Laurel Manville

Lily Bloomberg

Linh Kooc

Lodovico Marchesini

Malith Waharaka

Maureen Mullins

Mike Kaminsky

Monica Welcker

Patrick Nally

Peter Yoo

Reid Schlegel

Ross Marks

Ryan Mauer

Sarah Qureshi

Sarah Sykes

Sarah Tram

Sophie Colle

Veronica Orecchia

Zac Fischel

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