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Travel Award

The Student Travel Award is an annual financial award given to undergraduate students to support travel expenses related to design research, professional development, or other academic activities. The award aims to remove the financial barriers associated with abroad, immersive learning experiences. 

Recipient Testimonials


Receiving the travel award heavily impacted my decision to go on the trip. Without the award, it would have been a much greater financial burden that I wasn’t sure I could commit to, so I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity it brought me! The award helped pay for a significant portion of the program fee and my flight expenses, and because of it, I was able to fully focus on immersing myself in the trip.

Avery Gendell, 2023 Award Recipient

Award Recipients

Avery Gendell


2023 - Avery Gendell

Gabriela Colon-Melendez


2023 - Gabriela Colon-Melendez

Diya Bhatia


2022 - Diya Bhatia
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